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0.         Solidarity Tax Credit (for Quebec only):




a.       To receive monthly payments of the solidarity tax credit, you must be registered for direct deposit.

If you have not registered, you can do so online on


b.       For a single person, if you live in an eligible dwelling yourself, you can get $76/month. Otherwise you can get $65/month

If you have roommate it will be $33-45/month.

c.       For a couple, whole family is $95/month.

d.       For a single family with kids is $85/month

e.       For a couple with kids, it will be $110/month.

f.        For a kid live together with parent is only $22/month


The above amount is estimate on Apr 02, 2012; it maybe changes a little bit till Jul 01, 2012. We will recalculate the amount and announce on the same website by Jul 01.


g.       It is your work to notice Revenue Quebec as soon as possible if the following information is changed:


i.                     You received wrong amount.

ii.                   You moved to a new place which is different with the old one.

iii.                  You are married

iv.                  You have new kids

v.                   You are separated with your spouse

vi.                  You leave Quebec


          You can notice Revenue Quebec online





h.       You can estimate your amount by:

              Solidarity Tax Credit Payments Estimator




i.         If you never claim it, you still can do it now


j.         Eligibility Requirements for the Solidarity Tax Credit




k.       If you moved to Quebec after Dec 31, 2012, you do not need to file your tax return.

You still can claim it by fill up the form on the link:



l.         By the way, I supply you the GST application form for new resident of Canada.











1. You prepared my tax return last year, but I didn't received my GST tax credit. Why?

        If your income is higher than $32,312 in 2008, then you are never qualified for GST any more.

 2. On my tax return report it says $932.00, but I only received $325.00? why?

        Please double check the no 3 line from the bottom of your notice of assessment, it is still $932.00, and the second line from the bottom the CRA give you a credit of $607.00.

        That is because you make a mistake on 2007’s tax return, and CRA can not find you after they refund you any more, so they make a credit adjustment on 2008’s return.

 3.  Why didn't you apply WITB for us?

         WITB is a new kind of benefit only for low-income individual, if your income is high or you go to school full-time for more than 6 weeks, then you will not qualified for this benefit.

 4. I received $3,000 reward while I'm still in school, why did you only claim $2,500 as my income?

          The first $500.00 is tax-free.

 5.  How long will I get back my refund from CRA?

         Normally, it will be around 2-3 weeks.

 6.  For 5 years now, I didn't do my taxes. Also, I don't have my T4's from my employer in BC. When I tried calling my old employer the company was closed down 2 years ago. What can I do?

        Don't worry, the government will never punish you if they owe money from you.

        When comes to T4 forms. You can get them by calling 1-800-959-8281. The CRA will mail it to you free, according to the income tax act, the employer will mail a copy of T4 to CRA also while they mail you one as well.

 7.  I was separated with my husband last November, Which one should I claim married or separated?

      According to income tax act, if you already be separated for more than 6 months at the time you do the tax return, you should claim as separated. 

      So if you think to claim as separated benefits you, you can come here 6 months after you became separated.  Otherwise, remember to come at least a little bit early before that.

 8.  I can not find my T2202A on my school’s website.

      It is on the website of your school, your school should not only has one website.

      For example,

         if you study in UC you should go on


              Mount Royal College:

            After you go on the website, you should login on with your student ID and date of birth before you download the information.

 9.  I get my T4 form from the job agency in downtown, but why do they claim me as self-employed?

            Not all the person who has T4 is an employee, if you have amount in box 89, you are still self-employed.

10. I received my tax receipt from my driving school, can I claim it as my tuition fee? If not, why can my classmate claim it last year, and they didn't get in trouble from the CRA?

       You can never claim it as a tuition fee, For example, your classmate  can be a professional truck driver, he has to get training in the driving school before you can work, but for you, you work for an oil company instead of a professional truck driver.

 11. I move to Vancouver last year, but I lost all of my moving expenses receipts, do you think I still can claim my moving expenses?

Yes, you still can claim moving expenses even if you don't have the receipt with you, we can claim the expense for you by using software map, in the same time, you can claim 3 meals per day and $17 per meal while you are travelling on the way without any receipt.

 12. I bought a couple hundred dollars worth of tools while working for my company and I still have all of my receipts from Canadian tire and on my Visa Card. Can I still claim them as my employment expense?

 No, you can not claim them until your boss write T2200 form for you. Even you have all the receipt and it do relates to your work.

 13. I am married but at the same time I have a girl-friend, sometimes i live with my wife and sometimes i live with my girl friend. Can I claim credit for both of them.

No, only for one, even you have 10 girl-friends.

 14. I immigrated from Mexico, But my wife and kid is still living in Mexico, and i give them money every month. Can I claim the credit for them?

        No, you can not, The credit is on available inside Canada.

 15. When should I buy RRSP?

A: We suggest each client to keep their RRSP limit untill the following 3 situations:

      i) When your income is pretty high

           for example, $1,000 RRSP gives low income earners only 15% credit, but for high income earners it can be 29%


      ii) When you plan to buy your own house.

          You can use the Home Buyer's Plan to borrow $30,000 RRSP without any tax. You can save at least $30,000*15%= $4,500 tax


      ii) When you want to go back to school full-time for at least 4 months.

          You can use the whole life studying plan Edit Text

Link to Tax Forms

Canada Revenue Agency Tax Forms

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