Who We Are

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Company History
The founders of UDTR are Qiang Zhang, Keiko Otomo, and Linda Le. We first started off doing taxes returns for people we would know, then we decided to expand our business and expand our knowledge by doing clients tax return, but also providing our clients with bookkeeping, and auditing as well.  We are known for our commitment to our clients by providing quality service as well as keeping all information confidential.
UDTR has been serving our clients for over 5 years, we are known for our great customer service and providing great tax-related advice.

As a Community:


We offer 5 SAIT business students with a scholarship of $500 per year, to help manage the cost of books and tuition. We donate our time by helping fundraising events such as the Canadian Breast Cancer Association. We also have employees that volunteer their time helping low income families with their tax return during tax season.


For our Customers:

We would like to give our generous services for special clients. For example, we will give 20% discount for senior citizens over 60 years old, we will help new immigrants as well as high school students with less than $ 15,000 last year income.  We will give 10% discount for new business just starting out. Also, for clients that come to us every year as well as for clients referrals.


For disabled clients that cannot come to our office, we can go to their house and do their taxes for them.


For educational reason, we offer a small seminar each month teaching people the basics of taxes.


Update on Nov 10 2012

Update on Jan 09 2012